Keyword Analysis

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Keyword Analysis

ThirstyTechnologies finds the relevant topics of your business and utilizes that information to come up with the best keywords that will help your business gain distinct exposure and make it be found easily by search engines through keyword analysis. Keyword analysis is the process of identifying phrases that are used on search engines when individuals are looking for information. It usually includes finding both the relative competitiveness and search size of the phrases.

Our team of experts understands that keyword analysis is a fundamental and a high return activity in the search marketing field. Consequently, we do a deep keyword analysis that will see your website’s rank rise within a short time. We also put your customers into consideration and make sure your tailor made keywords suit your audience.

We correctly form keywords by breaking up and grouping them based on the number of words within query phrases, thus providing a roadmap for both the design and execution of your website. We offer optimizing either for traffic or conversions catering for a wide range of businesses, either business that deal with revenue or businesses that deal with selling a brand.

We use the best tools in the market that are going to make your business stay ahead of your competitors and stay on top of search engine result pages. We take into consideration your target audience and create keywords that they will understand consequently, creating a relationship that will garner more eyeballs to your site creating traffic. We don’t just get any visitors to your site but we get you the right kind of visitors.

We make sure that keywords to your site are arranged in the right order and are simple to comprehend. We find related platforms where your keywords can be placed as links in other websites, directing visitors directly to your website landing more eyeballs to your site and improve your rank in no time. When creating keywords we tailor make them specifically for your business and we start with a large population of targets and finally narrow it down based on specifics.

We specifically form keywords depending on the dynamic demand of the market conditions and manipulate phrases and terms to what searchers are actively seeking. We make sure your websites keywords appear in potential permutations related to peoples target keywords based on actual search behavior. Contact us today and find out how we will make your website gain that top ranking by optimizing your keywords.